Sunday, December 7, 2008

Welcome to the Coffee Critic

Hello to all,

I am Jeff Beer, and I have decided to make a blog that focuses on something that I feel needs attention: the coffee shops.

Specfically, I will review/critique small-town, local coffeeshops. I won't necessarily go into details with large chain stores, however I might indulge in some discussions as to how large chain coffee shops, such as Starbuck's or Caribou, started as local coffeeshops. Even more, I may get into some personal discussions as to why I prefer the small, local coffee shops over popular chains... but let's save that for another time :)

For now, I am going to post some places around my area of Western Pennsylvania. I reassure you that I WILL critique coffee shops from all around the U.S., and maybe even get into some Canadian ones as well. However, I am going to work from my center, then out.

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone would be willing to share some of their experiences with favorite coffee spots, or just share some comments, opinions, etc. I am always open for discussions at anytime, so feel free to email me as well!

I look forward to starting this blog, and hope you will be there through our readings!


Deb Powers said...

Great idea for a blog! I travel around a bit and would love to know where I can find great coffee and a great atmosphere when I'm in town for a short bit. If you're ever in Worcester, there are two marvelous indie coffee shops to visit... The Bean Counter Coffee Bar & Bakery is to die for -- if they only had more comfortable chairs! The coffee is marvelous, the staff is unfailingly pleasant and polite (I may be prejudiced since my daughter worked there through college!) and the desserts... pure heaven!

The other place is the Worcester Jumpin' Juice and Java franchise. Unlike most other franchise operations, this one works hard to let the franchise owner put his own stamp on the place. This might be a bit more upscale and coordinated than your typical indie joint, but it's still got that comfy living room feel to it -- and the coffee rocks. In addition, the bar has reached out to the Worcester indie music and spoken word community and frequently hosts poetry readings and slams and open mike nights. To top it off, they have a comfy small conference room available to rent for meetings on the cheap - $20 for the space for the first hour, additional hours negotiable!

Can't wait to see what else you get up here, jeff... and don't forget me over at

Cheap Cindy said...

Jeff - get busy and start drinking some coffee already!